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Are you interested in free hosting of WordPress website Google Cloud Platform?

WordPress on Google Cloud

In this guide, we will tell you how can you host your WordPress website free for 1 year without any cost.

Everyone knows about Google. Google has the world’s leading name in this technology world. Google is famous all over the world because of its service. We will tell you about such a Google service “Google Cloud Console” You can host your WordPress website for 1 year without spending any money in Google Cloud Console.

Google Cloud Infrastructure lets you create a powerful WordPress website. There is no limit here, whatever you can achieve.

The best thing about this guide is that you will configure your website on Google Cloud, it’s all free, and you must have a domain name. Google Cloud will give you a free $ 300 credit, allowing you to host your website on Google Cloud.

In Google cloud hosting for WordPress, you will not have any worries about the speed and uptime of your website. Your website will never be down here and no one else can compete with Google in speed.

So let us guide you in Host WordPress website on Google Cloud.

You will first need to create an account in the Google Cloud Console.

Click here to create an account in the Google Cloud Console.

Login or create account

If you have an Already a Google Account, log in, if not, then click “Create Account” to create an account.

After logging in to the Google Cloud Console account, you will be accessed in the Dashboard of the Cloud Console.

In the dashboard, you will be able to see all about Google Cloud Services. You do not need to panic if you see it. If you look at everything on the dashboard for a while, you will gradually get everything done and you will also be able to easily host your website on Google Cloud.

It is compulsory for you to activate the Google cloud to host WordPress website.

How to activate the Google Cloud Console account.

When you activate the account, you will receive a $ 300 credit in your Google console account. To activate the account, click on Activate.

After clicking on active, you have to follow a few steps and you have to give some details.

Activate GCloud Account

As you can see in the screenshots given above that you will get $ 300 credit free for 12 months for hosting on Google Cloud. If you want later, then definitely can continue the same service. For which you will have to pay a small amount according to the need of your website later. Google will not take any money from your account without your approval.

In the next step, you will have to give details about the payment details. It is only mandatory to give details for confirmation.

activate the Google Cloud Console account

After submitting all the details, you will be able to appear on the dashboard according to the screenshot given below.

Account Activate Successfully

You have activated Google Cloud Account very easily. Now you have to create a new project in Google Cloud.

How to Create a New Project

To set up your WordPress Website Google Cloud, it’s important to create a new project in the Google Cloud Console.

In the left side of your Google Cloud Dashboard, click on “Select A Project”. Here you can type the name of your project and click on the “Create” button.

Create google cloud ProjectGreat, you’ve created a project. You are now ready to set up a WordPress Website Google Cloud.

How To Install Free WordPress Website Google Cloud

Before installing WordPress, you should know some things that

Many versions of WordPress are available in Google Cloud

gcloud marketplace wp

Websites Setup Guide will now provide support and tutorials for the most popular WordPress version available in the marketplace – Bitnami.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to configure your WordPress website using the Bitnami version of WordPress on Google Cloud.

We’ll publish a tutorial for installing WordPress in Click-to-Deploy soon.

Installs WordPress on Google Cloud (Bitnami)

So let’s start installing WordPress website!

There are 4 steps to installing WordPress in this tutorial:

  1. Select WordPress Versions from Marketplace
  2. Launch On Compute Engine
  3. Configure the Requirements of WordPress Installation
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Login to your WordPress

1.  Select WordPress Version from Marketplace

Go to your Google Cloud Account dashboard and click on the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

gcloud marketplace wp(1)


Then click on the first number of products “Marketplace”. You will be in a new marketplace dashboard. Here you see all the services. Find “WordPress certified by bitnami” in the marketplace search box. You will see that “WordPress certified by bitnami” will appear on the first number, click on it.

gcloud marketplace wp(2)

2. Launch On Compute Engine

To access the WordPress Installation Settings page, click on “Launch on Compute Engine”.

gcloud marketplace wp(3)


3. Configure the Requirements of WordPress Installation

You will be on the WordPress installation dashboard. Here you fill in all the fields according to the requirement of your WordPress website. Then click on the “Deploy” link.

Deploy WordPress on Bitnami

Deploy WordPress on Bitnami (1)

4. Install WordPress

After you click on deployment, your WordPress website will be installed in the Google Cloud Console. After WordPress is installed, you will see the details of login in WordPress on the right. It will also show you a username password to login.

Wordpress Install on Gcloud

5. Login to your WordPress

Copy your username and password given in the installation page, and click on the link to access your WordPress Admin Panel.

Installed WordPress website on Google cloud

Congratulation! Your WordPress website has been successfully installed in the Google Cloud Console.

Now you can customize and design your WordPress website hosted on Google Cloud.

If you need help to customizing the WordPress website then definitely check out our article “Free Step-By-Step Guide on how to create a website“.

After hosting your WordPress site Google Cloud, go to the following link and you can map your domain name and install a free SSL certificate.

Install a free SSL certificate for Bitnami WordPress on Google Cloud Platform

Transfer Domain Name for hosted WordPress website on Google Cloud Hosting


Good luck!




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